Is there any way to grant add permission on document library for anonymous user? there is a trick for that, url of anonymous access control page is something like


in 2007 if you change DOCLIB to LIST you can grant add permission to anonymous user but it doesn't work in 2010. any suggestion?


The article How to enable anonymous access to InfoPath Forms Library SharePoint 2010 gives you a HACK by copying the url of the anonymous access dialog and modify the part that tells setanon.aspx that it's dealing with a document library.

This will enable you to turn on all the rights to a document library for annonymous users, but I can't promise you that it's supported (in fact I'm pretty sure it's not)

  • As I describe in my quesion I did exactly that hack but unfortunately it doesn't work
    – Hamed
    May 24 '12 at 5:31

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