I had to create an application which connects to Sharepoint. The interested Sharepoint Application is set to work ONLY with claim based Authentication, so I cannot use the classic:

 NetworkCredential Cred = new NetworkCredential("administrator", "Password", "domain");

How can i connect by Claim Based?

I know I must contact STS, get a Token, contact SP STS, get another token and then contact Sharepoint...

Is there any tutorial or hint to do this in the right way?

Thank you very much!!!

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Robert Bogue has written a tool and sample app I have used successfully against a claims environment. Basically he extends the ClientContext class. In my case though, I had to be on a domain-joined machine for the code to work. Download it here.


I think the best starting point is: Using the Client Object Model with a Claims Based Auth Site in SharePoint 2010

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