I want to build a filer (search) user interface for search results page. Thus a have a few Managed Properties I want users to search by. For example, I have a department property (sting) and I want to have a drop down with all department names. How can I get these values to display in my UI using C# code?

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You could probably do this without C#. The Refinements Web Part will display the Managed Properties in results, and you can use an XSLT transformation against this to show the properties in a dropdown.

  • Thanks, for the reply, I want to know about C# way cause in the filter web part there will be other controls like text boxes for querying other managed properties like keyword itself and so on. Also there should be a date range selection. Something like advanced search but designed for specific options only. Commented May 16, 2012 at 10:24

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