Are there any list of sites that can give me an idea what all I should put on the company portal page? Manager asked me to look into re-designing the company intranet sites. I thought of news rotator.

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This is my favorite for cultivating ideas, http://www.wssdemo.com/livepivot/ as it is specifically SharePoint targetted.

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There is an annual report by the Nielsen Norman Group detailing the best Intranet designs from a pool of nominated designs. It does cost $248. I have used this report in the past and personally found it worth the money.


If you don't want to buy the report it lists the Best Practices that it covers and you can google these to get more detailed information.

Best Practices

  • Expertise finders (locating coworkers with specific knowledge)
  • Staff directory and employee profile pages
  • Knowledge management
  • Company and industry news
  • Editorial control of the intranet homepage and other sections
  • Keeping the intranet up-to-date
  • Curating content across the intranet
  • User/Employee-contributed content
  • Commenting features
  • Ratings and feedback systems
  • Increasing the level of employee participation: reward features
  • CEO blogging and video
  • Employee and department team sites
  • Consistent navigation and clear IA
  • Search
  • Page templates and consistent page layout
  • Video on intranets
  • Data visualization
  • Mega-menus for intranet navigation
  • Lightboxes
  • Development process for intranet redesigns
  • Web analytics for intranets
  • Intranet branding
  • Promoting new intranet features
  • Mobile intranets (including iPhone apps for intranet access)
  • Personalization and ways to ensure that all users get the most from it

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