Are there any good tools to create the CAML required for ContentTypes? I'm building most of my content types in Visual Studio.

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You should definitively check out SharePoint Manager 2010. Use the standard SharePoint 2010 user interface to create fields and content types, and use SPM to extract the CAML afterwards. For more information, check out this excellent blog post by the magician KjellSJ. It's for SP2007, but it still applies.

  • Thanks, I already do use SharePoint manager. But I'm more looking for a tool that can create the CAML code without creating the ContentType! Commented May 7, 2012 at 8:21

One tool which it might be worth looking at is Visual Studio 11.

I'd not recommend that you use it for production yet. But you can still use the Content Type and List designers and then copy the generated files into your VS2010 project

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