I have an image column in a list and I would like to add a browse button in the EditForm.aspx or NewForm.aspx so that user can browse for an image in their local computer. I have set up a picture library to host the images uploaded by users. Currently, the column edit fields only give me the option to put a URL for the image. Is there anyway to add the browse button in


There isn't anyway to do this out of the box. You would need to write a custom column type in Visual Studio with all of the upload and storage functionality.

Or you can get a third-party solution.

Here is one: http://www.artfulbits.com/products/sharepoint/image-upload.aspx And here is another: http://www.sharepointaid.com/Image_Upload_p/557.htm

Haven't used either one myself, so I cannot vouch for either one, but the third-party route is probably your best option.


Try this open source solution: http://sparqubepicturelite.codeplex.com/

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