I am using FBA on a wss 3.0 site, I can create new users in the DB by using the ASP.NET management site. The users can then log in, but receive an error: access denied message.

So, I know that the accounts are being authenticated properly (since when i type the username or password incorrectly I get a different message, "the server could not sign you in")

I have working fba accounts on the site since I set this up over a year ago. I can log in fine using those, and the people picker recognizes those accounts with membership provider i.e.: FBAMember:testaccount - the people picker will recognize this and allow me to add it to more groups.

But the picker does not recognize any of the accounts I just created using the management tool, using the same connection string i'm using in the web.config of the sp site.

Any ideas on what's wrong?


So, FBAMember:membername is listed as the account name for the accounts already in sharepoint, but I can't even add those accounts to a new group, I get a SP error "the user or group is unknown". .. so, these users can log in, but for some reason that's it.


Did you add the wildcard setting to the PeoplePicker element in web.config?

  • could you elobarte a bit on this setting? – Rob Jun 17 '10 at 8:54
  • 1
  • Is it the peoplepicker settings need to be added for all the web.configs? or only the custom web application's web.config. – SaMolPP Sep 2 '16 at 5:51

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