I have a task content type which uses a choice field set to display choices using checkboxes. Each time the item is edited, I want to evaluate whether ALL choices in that field have been checked, and if so, complete the workflow.

I'm designing the workflow in SPD, and Visual Studio isn't really an option.


What you're looking for is compound conditions.

If A and B and C and D and ...

Check out this blog post:


And this StackExchange question:

Logical operators in the workflow designer

If there is a variable amount of checkboxes you'll need to create a for each loop:


Hope this helps.

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  • Thanks. This didn't work out for me but it did lead me to believe that what I want can't be done without custom code, so I was able to find an alternative approach. – Superstringcheese May 1 '12 at 12:06

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