I'm using the deprecated content API to push data into the FAST Search Server for Sharepoint 2010 index. Migrating to BCS is on the roadmap, but in the meantime I want to add ACL information to the documents I'm pushing into the index.

I know that for the old FAST ESP server ACL information was specified using the docacl and docaclsystemid properties, but I have found no definite information regarding

  • if these properties are still available in the 2010 version
  • how these properties are encoded

How can I specify ACLs when when submitting documents using the FAST Content API ?

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docacl is still persisted in 2010, but appropriate managed property has [SummaryType] set to Disabled. To see the value of this property you must set SummaryType to Static or Dynamic. I don't know how they encoded, usually single value looks like this:


you can extract value of this property using powershell (Get-FASTSearchSecurityEncodedSid, Get-FASTSearchSecurityDecodedSid) or .net code. Some more info here.

If using content api, you can specify acl in this way:

//To allow access for specic groups/users, the NTAccount class can be used
string userName = @"username|group";
NTAccount account = new NTAccount(userName);
SecurityIdentifier sid = (SecurityIdentifier)account.Translate(typeof(SecurityIdentifier));
DiscretionaryAcl dacl = new DiscretionaryAcl(false, false, 1);
dacl.AddAccess(AccessControlType.Allow, sid, 0x7, InheritanceFlags.None, PropagationFlags.None);
CommonSecurityDescriptor sd = new CommonSecurityDescriptor(false, false, ControlFlags.DiscretionaryAclPresent,
                                                              sid, sid, null, dacl);
doc.SecurityDescriptor = sd.GetSddlForm(AccessControlSections.All);


doc.SecurityDescriptor = Document.VISIBLE_TO_ALL;

to make it visible to all users. This code is from samples of content api for fast search for sharepoint.

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