I've created a custom list in SharePoint 2010 from a custom content type (inherit from item) and I would like to give the users the option to order the items in this list - similar to how users can order items in an out of the box Links list.

In SharePoint 2007 I did this several times by using the OrderedList property in the List element of the schema.xml, and I've tried the same approach in 2010. I also added the OrderedView property on the View element.

After creating a list from this defintion, when I look at the list settings and attempt to modify a view then I see the options that indicate that the list can be ordered by a user. However, I'm missing the button (Change Item Order) on the ribbon that allows a user to order the list.

I can navigate to the /_layouts/reorder.aspx?List=... and order the list from that page - so my assumption is that there is some logic built into the ribbon which is stopping it from displaying the button. I've exhausted areas to look into so any ideas much appreciated.

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    Why was this closed for being "too localized"? I have this exact issue. – Matt Connolly Sep 23 '11 at 17:53