I am just starting to get my feet wet with SP Foundation 2010, and need to customize some web parts. I am looking for some CAML tutorials that go beyond what's on the MSDN site, and also include the SP configuration considerations to run various queries. I'm particularly interested in learning more about integrating JavaScript with CAML...I've heard that it can be done, but don't know to what extent, and have not seen any relevant samples. Suggestions?

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This one was helpful - Writing CAML Queries For Retrieving List Items from a SharePoint List and is fairly comprehensive.


Have a look at this tutorial. Hope this will help you in learning the CAML query basics. CAML Query tutorial for SharePoint

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On MSDN you find a nice intro here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms426449.aspx

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You can also use the U2U CAML Builder.

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