Having an SharePoint 2010 installation I try to filter the return result of Get-SPUser but I don't see any possible ways to get a single user or filtered users back.

Get-SPUser -Web https://intranet.mysite.com -Limit '30'

Is it possible to use another Get-User method to return only those SPUsers who match search criterion, such as AD\an*

Get-SPUser -web https://intranet.mysite.com | Where-Object {$_.UserLogin -like "*AD\an*"}

For more info on Where-Object: Using the Where-Object Cmdlet

$user=Get-SPUser -Web "you site url" -Limit "All"|Where-Object{$_.Name -match ("sptestuser")}
Write-Host ("User id:"+$user.ID+"  Display name:"+$user.DisplayName+"  Login name:"+$user.LoginName)

The above script get the user from the site with user name:sptestuser

  • Robert's code helped me with a p.i.t.a problem i had where i couldn't tell if my SP 2013 farm knew about certain User Groups. Plugged in my info and it tole me the id and other info i needed to proceed with powershell. thanks – Carp Sep 7 '16 at 22:08

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