I am currently developing a custom workflow which has it's own approval process when publishing documents to a list. I have created a new form for use which approves/rejects the file. The approval form successfully works and I am sending out the link for it to the approver. My problem is that on creation of the task list item I also want to change the url that is attached to the Sharepoint Built in Field "Title". I cannot find this anywhere within either the Task Properties object or within Extended properties.

Does anyone know if I can set this property, something like:

createApproval_TaskProperties.ExtendedProperties["Title URL"] = "http://url/"

Or is this something you can't edit, and would have to create my own custom content type to hold the Title/link to my custom approval form, then Hide sharepoints "Title" Column?


You have to create a List with a List Schema (Template) where you can specify which Forms are to be used.


Refer to Forms Element.

You can do it manually using Sharepoint Manager 2010 or similar tool.

Hope it helps!

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I would build my own custom content type with a new URL field. That way you don't change the default Title field. And the custom content type will be specific to that workflow.

  • Thanks, sorry for taking so long to reply, this worked though :) – lostlain Jul 12 '12 at 12:30
  • You can mark this as your answer. – Mike Jul 13 '12 at 13:56

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