Relatively new to developing for Sharepoint, but building a website with a lot of functionality. The frontpage alone is making 5 queries to separate lists and has numerous javascript libraries associated with it. Currently, I am using the js SPServices library to query each set of data whereas webparts are mostly delegated to tasks such as event-listeners and the like.

This got me thinking, am I doing too much client side? Should I move all my SPServices calls to serverside processing? How do you determine which approach is best?



As always the answer is: It depends.

If your page only retrieves the data once and none of the queries takes a very long time, then you're generating the least load on the server (and have the least development) by just executing the queries on the server.

But if:

  • Some of the queries takes a long time
  • You're providing interaction with the data which may cause reloads of part of the data
  • The users should be able to load more information for some of the lists

Then you're better of developing client side queries.

As you've already implemented the Client side code I would not redo it.

  • I figured the answer was "it depends" but I wanted to say thanks for going more in-depth. That's what I was looking for! – Justin Apr 19 '12 at 14:35

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