I would like to have a document library created with incoming mail turned on. I've set this up, it is working fine. One thing I would like to do is figure out a way to categorize the incoming email (.EML file) as to whether it is an e-mail or an appointment? I understand an appointment is really just an e-mail but I was wondering if anyone can hint at a way to determine the difference. I've scanned over the email headers between the two but nothing is standing out. I know in the e-mail message, there is some typical text that is sent but I don't believe a workflow can open a EML file and read out the text to a variable.

My workaround will be to create a seperate document library and seperate e-mail address for meeting requests but I'd like to only have one e-mail address for ease of use for my end users.

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If you considering email for meeting, why not already use calendars in SharePoint that actually could receive events by email, and leave documents in libraries. See here how to setup http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook-help/view-and-update-a-sharepoint-calendar-HA010081987.aspx#BM6


We just found it was easier to create two document libraries, one specifically for meetings and then create a page that can view both libraries at the same time.

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