I have configured my 2010 External Content Type for search by adding the RootFinder property to the ReadList method. I have also added the ShowInSearchUI property to the LOB entry. I then set up my content crawler in Enterprise Search Service Application and kicked off a full crawl. The log shows 2002 items (which makes sense since the ReadList query in the service sets a limit of 2000 rows) and no errors on the crawl.

The problem is when I go to perform a search, the site comes back with no results found. Searching for criteria in other lists and libraries works so I know the search service as a whole is working. I just cannot seem to find any results from the ECT source.


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Check out this posts by Todd Baginski, especially HOW TO: Register an External Content Type with the SharePoint Search Service to make the data searchable part, it may be helpful.

  • I am still working through this so once I get the search working I plan on marking this as the answer. My initial attempt after reading the posts failed.
    – Jason
    Commented Apr 23, 2012 at 15:18

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