I need to create a list of people and the name of the person should be unique field that can be clicked to open the item about that person.

In a normal Sharepoint 2010 custom list, the Title field is always used as the reference unique entry which allows an item to be clicked but it's locked to a text field.

If I remove the Title field and use a People Picker field, clicking on the name would open the profile of that person and not the list item.

Is there a way to do this?



When creating you views you can add the attribute ListItemMenu to the field in the viewfields section:

  <FieldRef Name="XXX" ListItemMenu="TRUE"/>

The name will still link to the profile, but you get the dropdown menu for selecting everything you want


You can use XSL transformation for change rendering template of list view.This post can give you a start point to search how could you do this change.

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