I have a custom job that creates a view. In my custom view I want to display the column with the "linked to item type".

Please guide..

Thanks in advance


When you add the FieldRef inside the ViewFields add an Attribute LinkToItem="TRUE"

 <FieldRef Name="DocIcon"/>
 <FieldRef Name="Filename"/>
 <FieldRef Name="Modified" LinkToItem="TRUE"/>
 <FieldRef Name="Editor"/>

If you're creating the view programatically then unfortunately there is no way to set this attribute through the SPViewFieldsCollection returned by SPView.ViewFields.

So you have to:

  1. do all of your setup in code
  2. call SPView.GetViewXml
  3. do string manipulation to add the attribute
  4. call SPView.SetViewXml
  • Thanks @Per Jakobsen for ur answer. But I am not getting where should I write this code. I am creating the view by C# code. Can you please tell me where should I include this in my code. – Mansi Desai Mar 27 '12 at 4:49

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