We have a SharePoint 2010 Server farm with 2 WFEs and 2 APP Servers.

Can you please suggest on the order of shutdown and the order of restart of the servers?

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I would recommend this order (specially if you want to minimize the number of warnings/errors in the Windows Event Log)

Shutting down the SP Farm

  1. WFE Servers
  2. App Servers (the App server that runs Central Administration web site last)
  3. SQL Servers

Turning on the SP Farm

  1. SQL Servers
  2. App Servers (the App server that runs Central Administration web site first)
  3. WFE Servers

In SharePoint 2013, you want to be careful when shutting the servers that are running Distributed Caching. "The Distributed Cache service will become unstable, if you start/stop the Distributed Cache service in an unplanned manner." (reference: technet)

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If you have the usual setup of the 2 APP servers serving as their own local WFEs then I'd always stop the 2 WFE first and then the 2 APP servers and then start them in reverse order.

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I don't think it is that important. The only rule I follow is to start the DC first (if relevant), then the machine(s) running SQL Server, then everthing else.

Shutdown is the reverse.

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  • What is the DC ? Domain Controller ? Distributed Cache ? – Dre Aug 24 '16 at 8:15

Order doesn't matter. However, if your WFEs are load balanced, keep one WFE online at all times for end users.

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