I have configured a FBA site and the search does work which means crawling is OK. But when FBA users enter a search word and hit ok they get a different servername. The site was extended from a Windows Auth to a Forms Auth.

This is what i have in my AAM settings the Windows Auth site was http://servername:8080 internal URL and Zone is Default then extended to forms auth using to http://extranet:7070 Zone is Extranet and http://extranet.servername.com Zone is Internet.

How can i change the URL to change from http://extranet:7070 to http://extranet.servername.com when users get redirected after doing a search. When users do a search they get to http://extranet:7070/sites/mysite/_layouts/searchresults.aspx?k=Direct But when i manually amend the URL to what i want below i still get the search result http://extranet.servername.com/sites/mysite/_layouts/searchresults.aspx?k=Direct

How to get the search button to redirect to the second URL..

Any ideas?

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    – Alex Angas
    Jun 20, 2010 at 6:03

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Just to be clear, say i'm a user browsing to http://extranet:7070. I type in a search term in the search box at the top of the page. I click on a result. What does my URL look like? Does it begin with http://extranet:7070 or http://servername:8080? Do you want to show this as http://extranet.mycompany.com?

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