I have several content types defined in a custom feature. I have this feature working in both my dev & test environments. I needed to make some updates to the content types. When i deployed to my dev environment using Visual Studio, everything worked fine. When i packaged the feature in a WSP & deployed to my test environment, my content types were not updated (though all my other changes were deployed as expected).

What am i doing wrong?

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Once your content type has been deployed you can only change it by:

  1. Use AddContentTypeField in FeatureUpgrading of your feature
  2. Code
  3. UI / SharePoint Designer

Just updating the xml for the content type will not work. Visual studio with it's conflict resolution will make you think it works, but it doesn't

  • Thanks. I feared that something like this had to be true, but i couldn't find any documentation one way or the other.
    – Markus
    Mar 21, 2012 at 18:11

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