In the following example, existing edit permissions are not removed:

Folder A contains two files.

User A has read access to one file and has edit access to the other file.

Admin or another user shares Folder A with view permissions to User A. (Then, both files have view permissions).

User A clicks the invite/share link to Folder A.

User A can still edit the file to which they had edit access.

At step 2, since user has read and edit access to a file, that means the inheritence has been broken on the file level?

To prevent User A from editing the file, use either of the following options:

Option 1 — Change permissions on the file directly (grant only view permissions to UserA).

Option 2 — Stop sharing the folder to UserA. This removes permissions to all subfiles and folders. Then, create a new share on the folder that has view permissions.

Now following option 2 when an admin stops sharing folder with user A, how does it remove the file level permissions of user A? Does removing permission from parent have any impact when inheritence is broken?


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