I created a Power Automate Flow that uses the SharePoint connecter, "Send HTTP request" to create a custom hyperlink using a dynamic list value. I'd like to use an image or icon instead of a text value for the hyperlink.

How do I modify my variable I'm using in the http request to show the image? This is in a Classic SharePoint list, not modern.

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IIRC, the classic SharePoint list column is called "hyperlink or picture". You can use the URL to point to an online picture or use it as a text hyperlink. The description for a hyperlink can only contain text, not images.


You will not be able to add image in "Description" of SharePoint list hyperlink column using "Send HTTP Request to SharePoint" action in Power Automate.

However, you can add emoji in the "Description" of SharePoint list hyperlink column.

This is what worked for me:

enter image description here


    "__metadata": {
        "type": "SP.Data.306986ListItem"
    "Hyperlink": {
        "Description": "🔗",
        "Url": "https://www.google.com/"


enter image description here

Additional Information:

You might be able to customize the hyperlink column display in SharePoint classic list view using Client Side Rendering (CSR) to show image in list view column and open hyperlink on click of image.

Check below references for CSR:

  1. How to color code a SharePoint list date field based on comparison with todays date?
  2. How to Highlight a Row on Active Status
  3. Client-Side Rendering/JS Link documentation?

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