I have a SharePoint site that is being used to manage developments - each project has a designated page, which follows a set layout. To support this, we have defined a template page which is duplicated for each project. Each project / page also has a corresponding folder in the sites document library:

-Site Pages

  • Project 1
  • Project 2
  • Project 2

Document Library

  • Project 1
  • Project 2
  • Project 3

Within these folders, there are then sub-folders for different aspects i.e. documentation, user guides etc (page titles and folders are always identical).

What I' am trying to do is update the template page, using a Highlighted Content web part and a CAML query, to focus on the correct folder in the document library, based on the page title (page titles and folders are always identical), something like this:

<View Scope='RecursiveAll'>
         <FieldRef Name='FileDirRef'/><Value Type='Lookup'>**{page.title}**</Value>

But it isn't working. If I hardcode the value for {page.title} then it works as desired but I'm trying to avoid people having to update these web-parts. Ideally I actually want it to focus on the sub-folders i.e. Project 1\Documentation etc.

Any help would be amazing.




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