I am using SharePoint 2016 where two way trust is enabled. Users are connecting from Contoso1 while SharePoint is running on Contoso2.

I was using the following domains in people picker:


By mistake I added Contoso1 again so now when I check $wa.peoplepickersettings.searchactivedirectorydomains it is showing me three domains:


I am trying to remove Contoso2 but always get false by the Remove function below. How can I remove a domain from People Picker?

$wa = get-spwebapplication https://theWebApp.contoso.com
$searchad = $wa.peoplepickersettings.searchactivedirectorydomains
$newdomain1 = new-object Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.sppeoplepickersearchactivedirectorydomain
$newdomain1.domainname = "contoso2.com"
$newdomain1.Isforest = $true

Additionally, how can I also remove the extra Contoso1?

  • I used Stsadm setproperty to configure People Picker in SP 2013 Farm. I think, it would work for SP 2016 as well. See this MS Article Commented Jun 11 at 15:20

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With your code, you try to remove an instance you never added to the collection!

The easy way is to clear the configuration and add only the forest you want:

$wa = Get-SPWebApplication https://theWebApp.contoso.com
$searchad = $wa.PeoplePickerSettings.SearchActiveDirectoryDomains

$newdomain1 = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPPeoplePickerSearchActiveDirectoryDomain
$newdomain1.DomainName = "contoso1.com"
$newdomain1.ShortName = "contoso1"
$newdomain1.IsForest = $True

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