Is it possible to omit the column name from lookup values displayed in a view on a modern list. For example, I have view that displays a lookup column called 'School' and two columns from the assocaited lookup list called 'Network' and 'Network Manager'. The view displays the headings as 'School', 'School: Network', and 'School: Network Manager'. Is there a way that I can prevent the 'School:' text from appearing in the headings along the top of the view?

Note: I did see ann earlier post on formatting group headings to remove column names which is a related issue, it's just that I'm not applying any groupings to the data using columns from a lookup list.

I'm not particularly experienced with JSON and don't know if what I'm wanting to do is even possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Currently, JSON formatting is not supported to change the column header.

You only could use JSON formatting in the group header.

And there is no option to change the column header of additional lookup columns.

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