I am creating a SharePoint list in which I have list 'Invoice/Receipts'.

I am doing conditional formula so that when the 'Cost Category' column value 'Travel' or 'Allowances' is selected, 'Invoice/Receipts' shows up when adding new item.

  • And what's the question? :) Apr 8 at 11:08
  • Need to know the formula. It is a choice column. This is the example currently saved on the Microsoft community. =if([$Category] == 'Product Management', 'true', 'false') but it is just if one condition if that is fulfilled. Mine is that either 'Travel' or 'Allowances' is selected the 'Invoice/Receipts' field should show up.
    – Anonymous
    Apr 8 at 11:10

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If 'Cost Category' column is a single selection choice column in the SharePoint list,

Use conditional formula like below for 'Invoice/Receipts' column:

=if([$CostCategory] == 'Travel' || [$CostCategory] == 'Allowances', 'true', 'false')

Where [$CostCategory] is an internal name of your column in SharePoint list in this format: [$InternalNameOfColumn].

You can get the internal name of your SharePoint list columns by following this article: How to find the Internal name of columns in SharePoint Online?

Documentation: Show or hide columns in a SharePoint list or library form

Note: Choice columns with multiple selections are not supported in SharePoint conditional formulas.


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