On my list, when adding a new item, I need the visibility of one column field to be toggled based on value from another column/field (which is a multiselect type of column).

For example column A value can contain "Mercedes, BMW, Porsche). I need column B entry to be visible only if column A contain "BMW". I tried something like below but doesn't work

=if(substring([$Cars],indexOf([$Cars],';#')+2,1000) == 'BMW', 'true', 'false')

Any help?

  • Is this (Cars) a multiple selection "choice" column or "lookup" column? Multiple selection "choice" columns are not supported in conditional formulas. Let me know if it answers your question. Commented Apr 4 at 14:37
  • Yes it's a multiple selection choice column. It's very unfortunate to hear that!
    – Bialy778
    Commented Apr 4 at 18:15
  • Yes, added detailed answer below with all unsupported column types and documentation link. Commented Apr 4 at 18:23
  • Does this mean "lookup" columns are supported? as I tried adding one and directed the formula to it but still the same
    – Bialy778
    Commented Apr 4 at 18:28
  • Check the documentation link provided in my answer for example based on lookup column. Commented Apr 5 at 5:47

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Unfortunately, SharePoint Online modern experience conditional formulas do not support usage of multiple selection choices columns.

Unsupported column types in conditional formulas:

  • Person or Group with multiple selections
  • Choice with multiple selections
  • Time calculations in Date and Time column
  • Currency columns
  • Location columns
  • Calculated columns
  • Managed Metadata columns

Microsoft documentation: Unsupported column types in SharePoint conditional formulas

  "$schema": "https://developer.microsoft.com/json-schemas/sp/v2/column-formatting.schema.json",
  "elmType": "div",
  "style": {
    "display": "=if(indexOf([$Title], 'BMW' )>=0,'none','block')"

   "txtContent": "@currentField"

enter image description here

  • I suppose this doesn't apply when adding a new item? As it's my main goal
    – Bialy778
    Commented Apr 4 at 18:16
  • it works on the view when you add an item Commented Apr 5 at 7:51

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