I have a problem with an imported Approval Flow - here's the scenario:

On my test SharePoint site, I created an out of the box Approval Flow for Pages and then modified it. Among other things, in the "For a selected item" trigger, I added several "text inputs" that need to be filled in when adding a new Page to the site. I tested everything and then exported the flow, imported it, and then changed all the URLs to fit my Live site. Here's the problem - when I add a Page and click "Submit for approval", the standard approval panel "Submit for approval" appears - the one that always appears when we select "Require content approval for submitted items?" in versioning settings. Instead, the panel with a multiple fields to fill in should appear - those that were added as text inputs in the flow trigger. But it doesn't. However, when I open the Site Pages library, the imported flow is visible in the context menu for a specific item under Automate -> Power Automate, and it can be triggered. Why aren't the text inputs associated with the flow showing up when I click "Submit for approval"? Why is the flow not triggering right away when I'm adding a new page? Should I delete and re-add the trigger? I would prefer to avoid that, because obviously removing the trigger will wipe out a lot of values in the actions, and I'll have to input them again from scratch

  • In order to better help you solve your problem, it is recommended that you describe your problem in more detail.
    – Xyza_MSFT


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