I'm trying to achieve a Birthday calendar where only this month's birthdays are shown.

I've seen countless of topics about this or similar questions, but I cannot replicate any of the code because I get errors all the time.

I have two columns: Name and Birthday

Name Birthday
Caitlin 21-3-2024
Jack 22-4-2024
Hank 23-5-2024

How can I make sure that only rows with xx-currentmonth-xxxx are shown?

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You can create two calculated columns to get the start date and end date of the month of the date column. Then check if the start date of the month of the date value is less than or equal to the current date [Today] and end date of the month of the date column is greater than or equal to the current date [Today]. If yes, it is in the current month.

Create two calculated columns named "Start of Month" and "End of Month". Return as the Date and Time data type.

"Start of Month" =DATE(YEAR([date]), MONTH([date]), 1)

"End of Month" =DATE(YEAR([date]), MONTH([date])+1,1)-1

Create/modify a view and add filter as follow: enter image description here enter image description here

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