My company uses Sharepoint Online. I have a site on that SharePoint that uses the modern experience.

It's a "communication" site, if that changes anything. In the site content -> site pages (i.e. a SharePoint list) I added a column named "MyMetaDataColumn" and I want to use this column value as a filter in some web parts e.g. in the highlighted content web part.

As I understand, I therefore need to find the "crawled metadata" version of that column i.e. named "ows_MyMetaDataColumn" in the "search schema" of SharePoint to then map this to a managed property that I can then use to perform filtering.

I do not see this crawled metadata. I tried re-indexing the list. I tried re-indexing the site. No changes.

What am I missing? Which setting could prevent the column to be crawled and usable as I intend to ?

  • Do you have some data using the term? Has a full crawl been executed? Commented Mar 21 at 19:57
  • As suggested by @DerekGusoff, add some data in this new column for few site pages and try manually re-indexing site pages library again. Wait for 1-2 hours until crawl is completed properly. Let me know if this works for you. Commented Mar 22 at 5:41
  • How can I know (I am not admin and don't have access to that) when it has been crawled? Commented Mar 22 at 7:37
  • And yes, I have pages using this column with different values Commented Mar 22 at 7:57

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For people facing the same issue.

In my case, the problem was the type of column. When I created the column I chose "choice" thinking it would be crawled anyway independently of the type given this article providing the naming conventions for practically all types.

I changed the type of column to "metadata" and then it appears with the prefix ows_taxId.

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