I have two list, the first one (tracker list) is a tracker or inventory of all the phones that I have on hands. Second list (request list) is for user request a phone by serial number.

I want to create a column on the request list that show the user only the phone serial number that I have on hand.


I will request a phone but I don't know the serial number of the phone that I want. Having a lookup column that show me all the serial numbers available depending on the tracker list that reflect that serial number is available.

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This is possible using SharePoint list lookup columns. Follow below steps:

  1. Go to your "tracker list" in SharePoint site.

  2. Create a single line of text or number column for storing serial numbers in "tracker list" (as per your requirements). Follow: Create a column in a list or library.

  3. Now, go to your "request list" in SharePoint site.

  4. Create a lookup column based on "tracker list" and select appropriate columns like serial number in lookup column settings.

Microsoft documentation: Create list relationships by using lookup columns in SharePoint lists.

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