I have this SharePoint list named "WorkFlow Groups", which contain title and email, as follow:


Now I want to do a call to get all the items, then filter the items by the Title to get the email (the "WorkFlow Group" field), i tried the following but did not work:



enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

but I will get null value... any advice?

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    Why are you using Select action again? Also, use GroupEmail instead of WorkFlowGroup in compose action formula. Commented Mar 1 at 10:39
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    Try solution given below without additional "select" action. Commented Mar 1 at 10:46

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Ideally, no need to use the "Select" action in this case, use flow like:

enter image description here

Expression used in compose:


Where WorkFlowGroup is an internal name of your column in SharePoint list. You can get the internal name of your SharePoint list columns by following this article: How to find the Internal name of columns in SharePoint Online?


enter image description here

If you want to use "Select" action for any other reasons:

First, change the value of the GroupEmail key in the Map field (right hand side) of "Select" action to:


then try using expression like below for compose action:


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