My client has SharePoint 2019 and they want their Record center separate from the Document Center.

The file hierarchy/structure for both will look exactly the same. (Same names for subsites, libraries and folders in both).

When I have a file in the document center in the following path: DocumentCenter/01 Policies/01_11 Human Capital and the user declares it as a record, I want the file to move automatically to RecordCenter/01 Polices/01_11 Human Capital location as a record.

Is something like this possible, or is there any other suggestions to accomplish this?

  • Have you tried using Power Automate? Maybe it will do the trick. Commented Mar 5 at 7:26
  • I know PowerAutomate will be the solution, but I do not know how to move it to the same location in the Record Center than it was in the Document Center. How would I configure Power Automate to 'read' the location of the file in the Document Center and then move it to the same location in the record center?
    – Heste
    Commented Apr 2 at 15:50


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