I have created a SharePoint list to automate and track PO requests. Once the request has been approved, I have a Power Automate flow that sends an email to the team so they can create the PO as well as a confirmation email to the requestor. In the confirmation email I have a link that takes them directly to their form so they can modify if necessary. In SharePoint, I have a Datasheet view that has 3 fields (columns) the PO creator needs to update once they have created the PO. These fields are not visible in the form. I have inserted the URL to the Datasheet view as well as the ID of the item in the email. It will go to the Datasheet view but I cannot seem to get it to go to the specific record that needs updating.

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For refering to Item via URL you can choose:

1) Filtered View

Use ?FilterField1=ID&FilterValue1=2 query string URL to filter item with ID = 2. (IMPORTANT NOTE: "ID" column must be visible in the view, otherwise it will not work, maybe thats the issue you are experiencing.)



2) Direct link to the Edit form

For link directly to edit form of item ID = 2 use this URL parameter /EditForm.aspx?ID=2 or /DispForm.aspx?ID=2 for Display form.



You can refer to Microsoft Learn article for more tricks here: Query String URL Tricks for SharePoint and Microsoft 365

  • Popkornak, Thank you so much for your help. I did have the ID field visible but the FilterField and FilterValue solved my problem. Feb 13 at 20:01

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