In SharePoint Online I have a list with the "Rating Settings" set to "Star Ratings". In a List view, the "Rating" field shows up with stars in a column, and the user can click the appropriate number of stars to rate the item.

In a Gallery view, the "rating" field shows up with stars in the item's card (see image below). However, the user CANNOT click the stars to rate the item. Is there a way (JSON code, something else) to allow user to rate an item while in gallery view?

Sample card showing the rating symbol

  • The classic issue with the defaultClick action in JSON of gallery view - you will have to remove it from the JSON. Refer this. Let me know if it works for you. Feb 8 at 10:17
  • @GaneshSanap-MVP - You are unto something, but not quite. I deleted the sp-card-defaultClickButton now, when I hover over the star rating the cursor changes to a hand, implying it could be clicked. However, clicking over the rating does nothing
    – Carlos N
    Feb 8 at 16:25
  • @GaneshSanap-MVP - I played around with this some more. Looking carefully at the JSON that gets autogenerated with the rating column, there is no associated click or button actions.
    – Carlos N
    Feb 14 at 1:09

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After significant sleuthing, I don't believe this can be done.

When "Ratings" are turned on, they are captured in four columns, all of which get automatically updated when the rating is updated in a standard view. The four columns (with their internal names) are:

  • Rating (0-5) -- AverageRating
  • Number of Ratings -- RatingCount
  • Rated By -- RatedBy
  • User ratings -- Ratings

The RatedBy field is of type UserMulti, and the Ratings column is of type note . Both of these are hidden.

I created a CustomRowAction, which is able to update the AverageRating and RatingCount columns. However, because the RatedBy and Ratings columns are hidden they cannot be added to the view, and therefore manipulating them with JSON is questionable. Ratings can actually be displayed, I can do a =length(RatedBy) but cannot display the contents of RatedBy.

More importantly, as far as I can tell, there is no way to update these columns via the CustomRowAction.

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