We have an app with lots of links to content inside SharePoint folders. The pop-up window is kind of small. The Details panel always starts off open when you navigate to a folder, and it takes up half the window. Is there any way to set it so the Details panel starts off closed?

EDIT: I forgot to mention that we are using Document Sets. Once you navigate inside one of these document sets, the details pane automatically pops up.

  • Details Pane Is closed/hidden by default in SharePoint. I think it Is a browser level or user level setting which opens the details pane if you have previously opens it for same/different folders and not closed. Feb 3 at 2:41
  • It looks like its closed by default at the root, but we are using document sets. Once you navigate inside the document set, it auto pops up. Feb 5 at 14:17
  • Yes, it opens up automatically for document sets - this is by default. I will have to check if there is any settings to avoid this. Feb 5 at 14:39


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