Let's say you have a column in a list with choices:


Great. Now I want to filter the list items so that only Blue, Green, Yellow appear in the list. I do so.

After filtering and before saving the view, you can still select "Red" in the filter options. Great.

I save as a new view - and while the filters are saved in the view, I lose the "Red" choice when going back to change filters within that view. To see red list items, I would have to go back to the "All Items" view.

Desired Solution:

I want it so that I can pre-set filters for a view but preserve any choices that were not selected in that filter, like "Red", so that someone in that view can easily re-check a choice that was pre-set to be filtered out within that view.

Or in other words, save a view so that the filters selected remain checked, preserving the unchecked boxes.

To be even more clear, after saving a view, instead of this in the column filters:

[ ] Blue
[ ] Green
[ ] Yellow

I want this after saving a view:

[ ] Red
[X] Blue
[X] Green
[X] Yellow

Is this possible at all, or is this simply a hard limitation of SharePoint Lists?

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This is a limitation of Sharepoint Lists, heres some work arounds you can try.

Save choice filter in a cookie with JS: Save Choice Filter Selection

Update the filter in specific views: Updating SharePoint Filters in Specific Views

Finally you can try creating another list. This way, the users would be saving the same item instead of it reloading every time the page loads.

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