I have a markdown file foo.md in my Documents folder and would like to link it to a file baa.md in the same folder.

I tried following syntax in foo.md:

# Foo


[baa]: ./baa.md
  • If I open foo.md in the HTML Viewer and click on the link, nothing happens.
  • If I right click and select the option "Open link in new tab", the file is downloaded instead of navigating to the file in Sharepoint.
  • If I use the file and media webpart to show the markdown file inside a Page... and click on the link, I get an empty page.

=> How to correctly link another markdown file in Sharepoint, so that I can easily follow the link?

I also tried following variants without luck:

  • [baa] (without defining the link at the end of the page)
  • [[baa]]
  • [baa](../baa.md)

As a workaround, I also tried to move baa.md to the "hidden folder" Documents/Forms ... where links seem to point by default. However, that does not seem to be allowed.


  • Could someone please create a new tag "markdown" here on sharepoint.stackexchange.com? I don't have enough reputation, yet.
    – Stefan
    Commented Dec 25, 2023 at 10:20

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You have to use the content ID, not the filename. Even with a valid link, you can may only be able to open it in a new tab.


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