I am using a custom list template in SharePoint Server (2019). How can I add a custom property (with a default/fixed value) in the manifest.xml file that will be available for all the lists that are created from this template using SharePoints api? For example, I would like to do something like this:


Or is there another way to find out which template was used to create my lists?

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See: How to determine the List Template (SPListTemplate) that was used to create a list?

And: https://www.enjoysharepoint.com/sharepoint-list-templates/

Use Sharepoint Online Management Shell:

$extracted = Get-SPOSiteScriptFromList -ListUrl "https://yoursite.sharepoint.com/sites/strategy/customer-contacts"

Add-SPOSiteScript -Title "Customer Tracker" -Description "This creates a customer contact list" -Content $extracted

Add-SPOListDesign -Title "Customer tracking" -Description "Tracks key customer data in a list" -SiteScripts "<ID from previous step>" -ListColor Orange -ListIcon BullseyeTarget -Thumbnail "https://yoursite.sharepoint.com/SiteAssets/site-thumbnail.png"

List templates can’t be updated after you add them, you need to remove the existing template and add the updated version.

Use the SPList.RootFolder.Properties["vti_listservertemplate"] property to find out which template was used to create a list.

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