Viewing a SharePoint folder, there is a button for "Add Shortcut to OneDrive". Clicking that creates a OneDrive Shortcut, indicated by a folder icon with a blue link decoration on it, in OneDrive MyFiles.

If I have a web link for a SharePoint folder, is there a way to programmatically create a OneDrive Shortcut from the link?

A limitation is that I cannot create an Azure AD app. I'm currently using the following to leverage the current user credentials for all calls;

Connect-PnPOnline -Url $odSiteUrl -UseWebLogin -WarningAction Ignore

GH CoPilot suggests this code, which does not work at all:

Add-PnPFile -Folder $odFolderUrl -SourceUrl $spFolderUrl -Values @{LinkingUrl=$spFolderUrl; LinkingDisplayName=$odShortcutName} -ShortcutUrl

`$odFolderUrl` is the OneDrive folder I want to create the link in
`$spFolderUrl` is the Sharepoint folder I want to link to
`$odShortcutName` is name I want the shortcut folder to have
  • CoPilot suggested you to create a simple shortcut file and store it in a folder within SharePoint. Mayby this module is what you are looking for: github.com/derpenstiltskin/onedriveshortcuts Commented Nov 28, 2023 at 8:19
  • @Christoffer - Thanks for the suggestion. onedriveshortcuts requires that "To use this module you need to create an Azure AD application." Unfortunately, that's a stone cold dead non-starter for my organization. I'm using Connect-PnPOnline -Url $odSiteUrl -UseWebLogin to use the logged in user's credentials for all calls.
    – CAB
    Commented Nov 28, 2023 at 22:19


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