how can I search on a document library for the folders containg a specific name? where is the doc for that?

I want to seach my document library "MyDocs" for folders containing, in the title, a specific code

What I tried

  const rootPath = "https://mycompany.sharepoint.com/sites/my-site/";
  const rootFolder = "MyDocs";

  const searchQuerySettings = {
    TrimDuplicates: false,
    RowLimit: 1,
    // ?? SelectProperties: ["Title"]

  const query = SearchQueryBuilder(
    `iscontainer:true path:${rootPath}${rootFolder} title:*${item.code}*`,

and I get not really OK as result:

enter image description here

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for people having same issue, fixed the

`iscontainer:true path:${rootPath}${rootFolder} title:*${item.code}*`,


`contentclass:STS_ListItem_DocumentLibrary iscontainer:true path:${rootPath}${rootFolder} title:"${item.code}"`,

so, the main modification is * => " in title

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