I have this formula to filter SharePoint list:

   Collect(colDelegableresults, Filter(BookingCalendarNetwork, 
             ActiveStatus.Value = "Active"
             And 'Network ID' = ThisRecord.ID
             And (
                IsBlank(varBKID) Or 'Booking Calendar ID'<>varBKID

But i am getting this runtime error on it :


any advice?

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According to the documentation :

To test specifically for a blank value use if( Value = Blank(), ... instead of IsBlank. The IsBlank function considers empty tables as not blank, and IsEmpty should be used to test a table.

But, this is not the issue. As BookingCalendarNetwork is your SharePoint list, varBKID is not part of the list. So you can not add a delegated filter like varBKID = Blank() or IsBlank(varBKID) to the SharePoint list.

You can try to rewrite your filter like that:

    If(varBKID = Blank(),
      Filter(BookingCalendarNetwork, ActiveStatus.Value = "Active" And 'Network ID' = ThisRecord.ID),
      Filter(BookingCalendarNetwork, ActiveStatus.Value = "Active" And 'Network ID' = ThisRecord.ID And 'Booking Calendar ID' <> varBKID))

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