I have this formula inside the Submit Button:-

Patch('Printing Orders Details',
        {  ID: ID,
           Quantity: Value(PrintOrderQuantity.Text),
         'Quantity Each Artwork':PrintOrderQuantityForEachartwork.Text,
         'Network ID':PrintOrderNetworkComboBox.Selected.ID


Which Patch some items and submit a form. but currently if the Patch raised an error, i will get an error message for each Patch (so if i have 5 items inside the ForAll, i will get 5 error messages)>> but at the same time the submit form will be executed,,, which will result in an inconsistent state of our data.. so how i can ensure that the Submit Form will only be executed if all the Patches inside the ForAll went successfully, if not to still show errors for each Patch ?

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You can use Errors() in Power Apps to to perform Error Handling for Patch function in Power Apps.


// create a new record in test scores list
     'Test Scores',
     Defaults('Test Scores'),
         TestName: txt_TestName.Text,
         StudentName: txt_StudentName.Text,
         Score: Value(txt_Score.Text)
     // check if there were any errors when the test score was submitted
     !IsEmpty(Errors('Test Scores')),
     // if true, show any error message
         Concat(Errors('Test Scores'), Column&": "&Message),
     // else, go to success screen
     Navigate('Success Screen');

In your case, you can use SubmitForm() function inside // else, go to success screen block in above formula.

You can find more information related to this and other error handling ways at: Power Apps Patch Function Error Handling


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