Is Get-PnPAzureACSPrincipal cmdlet deprecated?

I was able to use this cmdlet successfully 3 months before, but now ,running this cmdlet displays error that's this is not available.

when I run Get-Command -Module PnP.Powershell also, I don't get the cmdlet.

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As per the PnP PowerShell official documentation, the Get-PnPAzureACSPrincipal cmdlet is not deprecated.

Documentation: Get-PnPAzureACSPrincipal

I think there is some version conflict in the PnP PowerShell modules/versions installed on your system. The current stable & latest of PnP PowerShell is v2.2.0.

Try below steps once:

  1. Uninstall all versions of SharePointPnPPowershellOnline module from your system.

  2. Uninstall all versions of PnP PowerShell modules from your system

  3. Install the latest and stable version (v2.2.0) of PnP PowerShell by following below documentations


  1. Upgrading from the Legacy version of PnP PowerShell
  2. Installing PnP PowerShell

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