I have 2 SharePoint lists; Assets & Media.. Inside the Assets list I am storing the MediumID inside a number field.. now inside the Assets form i want to replace the MediumID with the combo box that contain the Media items to select from.. for both NEW Form, Displayform and EditForm.

So inside the Assets form I removed the MediumID number field >> and I added a combobox named "MediumCoboBox", with these values:

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and inside the MediumID data card added the following Update property:

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this is working for adding new Assets, but when editing or viewing the Assets inside the AssetForm the MediumCombobox will always be empty.

So what I need to define inside the Default property?

  • is this a single selection combo box? Try setting it to LookUp(Media,ID=ThisItem.MediumID). Let me know if it works, else you will have to set DefaultSelectedItems property of combo box. Commented Oct 20, 2023 at 5:45

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Try this:

If your combo box control is configured to have single selection only, set DefaultSelectedItems property of combo box control in Power Apps to:


Where ThisItem is the context of record from Assets list and MediumID is the name of column in Assets list.

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