New to Power Automate and I'm struggling with what seems to be a very small problem and likely be a doddle for someone to resolve:

I have an array that looks like this:

"index": 0,
"text": "Customer reference"
    "index": 1,
    "text": "Customer id"
    "index": 2,
    "text": "21009515004"
    "index": 3,
    "text": "Bill number"
    "index": 4,
    "text": "11023587"

And I need to Select or assign to a variable the 'text' value where 'index' value is specified.

So I need the value "11023587" by selecting "index" = 4

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You can also use the switch method to achieve this,here is an example:

enter image description here And the result:

enter image description here


I created a variable to store an array.

Initialize variable action

I can then use a Filter array action to find the object in the array that has index equal to 4. The expression shown in the screen capture is item()['index'].

Filter action

To get the output from the Filter array action you use the expression body('Filter_array'). This will be an array. To get the object from the array you use the expression first(body('Filter_array')). Finally, to get the text property from the object you use the expression first(body('Filter_array'))['text']. You can get this value in the flow using a Compose action.

Compose action

I hope this helps.

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