I have created a custom content type name Foldercustom which have its parent = Folder and contain a custom column named "Dept", as follow:-

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now inside the document library i defined the FolderCustom content type as the default content type, as follow:-

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But when I sync the library using one drive and I create a new folder inside my PC >> the folder created inside the document library will still have the built-in Folder content type instead of the Foldercustom content type. is this a bug ??

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The custom content type only can be used in the SharePoint Online.

It's by design, in the local pc, users could only create default folders.

  • unfortunatly this is the case, while content types for files seems to work well when creating the files from local PC.. i think this is a debug that Microsoft should solve... what do you think? Oct 5, 2023 at 10:57

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