I have a Power Automate flow that triggers on a New Item, then Creates an Approval (2 custom responses - Approved/Rejected). I've got it all set up so far. the notification gets sent when an item is submitted in PowerApps (to SharePoint), and it allows the recipient to provide a response, reassign, add comments. BUT, how can I update the SharePoint list with that response? I have a Status column, and I want the Response (from Project manager) to then update that column. I know how to use the Update Item action, but I don't know where the Response is logged. When I add Update Item after Create an Approval, there isn't a clear option in the Dynamic Content for the Response. "Outcome" or "Response" aren't in the Dynamic Content, so does that mean I need to Initialize/Set a variable to capture the response? If so, how would that expression be? enter image description here

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You have instructed to create an approval. If you need to return the outcome, you need to use Wait for an approval.

Wait for an approval enter image description here

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