I'm using SharePoint 2007.

I created a custom list.

In the list I create 2 choice fields (column A, column B).

I want to implement this scenario:
If the user chooses the first choice from column A, he sees in column B the choice 1,2,3.
If the user chooses the second choice from column A, he sees in column B the choice 4,5.

P.S. I do not have the permission to use the designer and the server.

Is it possible?


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What you're describing sounds like a Cascading Lookup. There are several existing questions with suggestions for implementing such a thing:

How can we get Cascading Lookup Columns in sharepoint 2010?

How to implement Cascaded lookup in SP 2010?

How to make a filtered lookup field


There's no built-in functionality for this scenario.You have to write a custom javascript code to handle selection changes in the first dropdown and limit the selection in the second. And you need to have a full range of values (1,2,3,4,5) in the second column in order to save any entered value.

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